three things

firstly, rant. (want to end on a high note.)

don't you just love it when the department you work in keeps its doors locked? and then someone knocks on the door when they need to come in and so you have to get up and open the door and let them in? AND THEY DON'T EVEN LOOK AT YOU?!?! yea. real nice. i'm not your damn servant, don't just walk into our department like you own the place and i'm a piece of furniture.


what a freaking idiot. *frantic stabbing motions with a tightly clutched pen*

secondly, addiction.

i have successfully infected both rachel and meaghan with the debilitating twilight disease. erika is sure to follow as she was reading twilight on sunday as her car was being fixed in tampa. the series we hate to love. meaghan read twilight in something like 4 hours. drunk from my wedding, she awoke at 4 am unable to sleep. she staggered out of bed and read twilight. *evil laugh* sleep goblin may be on their heels, if she can get it from the library. i anticipate similar addictive results, however, once the book is in her hands.

thirdly, bliss.

it's official, i'm married! no longer living in sin, i'm an honest woman. whatever that means. also, what? lower taxes?

a few bumps during the day, but it all ended in an orgiastic dance party in the middle of the hall. hurray! my mom went around saying "i haven't clinked with you yet!" to absolutely everyone and then chugging her frambroise lambic. *clink clink* (note: not to be confused with erika's misguided toast the night before in the hotel room: "chink!.... oh wait...")

the food, the open bar, the cake, ohmygodthecake. it was so delicious. chocolate hazelnut heaven.

and the photographers were, in a word, amazing. i can't wait to get the pictures! i'll write more when they're up; it seemed like so much was going on and i missed 75% of it all!


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Madge said...

CONGRATULATIONS, married lady!
I was thinking of you two!

(re: rant: dude, i so know what you´re talking about. fuckyouverymuch.)