so i'm totally doing the 100 push up challenge. anthony is doing it with me and we just finished week 1 (out of 6).

reasons why it's great for me:

1 - i have super low arm strength. sometimes i have dreams that i'm being attached and my punches are way too weak to fend the attacker off. pathetic! it started in middle school when i was taking tae kwon do; we'd practice different self-defense moves, but i never felt they were very effective. i don't have these dreams quite as much now, thankfully.

2 - a schedule! you only do push ups mondays, wednesdays and fridays. i'm down with that. although i was INSANE CRAZY-MAKING sore on tuesday and wednesday. the first few push ups i did on wednesday were absolutely killer. but thursday? i felt great! and today after doing 22 push ups (staggered, not all at once), i can say that i already feel strong. i keep feeling up my biceps. pretty soon i'll be able to make diamonds by crushing coal in my fists. hello fiji! ah yes, and italy. perhaps paris, in the park, with a sandwich and a bottle of fizzy water.

3 - i do the push ups on my knees, not "real" pushups. i was telling rachel & lawrence about my push up style last night while watching the office and 30 rock (and basking in dura flame warmth and eating stove-top roasted marshmallows).

me: i don't do full push ups. i do them on my knees.
lawrence: oh, so girly push ups, then.
me: c'mon! they're not "girly". they're... "on your knees" push ups.
at the same time: guess that could be the same thing.

and i guess that's it. nothing more to say. i'm going to lounge in bed w/ my teen reads and cs3 manual and massage these guns.


Sleep Goblin said...


I love your posts :)

Maybe I'll try this... I have those EXACT SAME DREAMS!!! I feel weak and frustrated and like I just don't know how to punch. Usually, my fist just glances off the persons face or arm like I was fake punching... and then I wake up really wanting to punch someone just so my arm can feel useful.

Janine said...

I don't think I have ever done a full push up in my life. Even when I was in shape I didn't do them. I don't have any upper body strength either. Instead of guns I have -insert fart noise here-. :-)


Oh and.... are you on Facebook? Wanna be friends if you are?

Dragonslayer said...

SG - Is that why I wake up w/ random bruises on my arms?!?

madge said...

wowzas. push ups are freaking hard.

lepetitdoodler said...

what's wrong with girl push-ups?
we're girls!