*le sigh*

at the GA aquarium, with anthony (2007)

so i've been doing better, actually, artistically. trying to be less stunted. even if it involves attempting to draw daily and working on digital photos in the evening. i'm learning me some histograms! and i painted a box brown this afternoon. baby steps!


it kind of struck me that i'm going to need a day job for a long ass time since my student loans have kicked (me) in (my face). and i'm ok with that! took me a few weeks, but i'm ok with that.

today i called out of work due to awful continuing sinus/allergy headaches and general workplace malaise. some coffee and lunch helped and jesse came by too! he's a family friend that i've known... well, his whole life. incredible, really, to think that the little happy and crying, helpless young thing i knew, now has a car (better than mine) and can visit me after he attempted the pararescue and combat control PAST test for the air force. umm... wait, can we rewind? we used to make forts out of the couch pillows and go trick or treating together. it makes me immeasurably happy that we can enjoy sushi and tacos together (not at the same time). it inspires a small measure of pride and i like that.

heading to nod. see you in the morning, yes?

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Smirking Cat said...

I feel that way sometimes about my little brother. I still can't picture him at work...at a real job...doing anything besides poking people and yelling "Stop it!" and chuckling at fart jokes. Oh wait, he still does that.