dulce de leche

girl scout cookie time! the cookies that my boss pressured me into buying finally arrived this week. i have yet to pony up the cash, but was hungry and couldn't resist trying them.

i tried the dulce de leche naturally and artificially flavored caramel cookies this afternoon (for the first time) and the verdict.... C-.

seriously, these cookies suck. they taste more artificial than natural and are dry and flour-y. additionally, there are strange hard and crunchy inclusions that are like grinding seashell hunks in your mouth. my cats cough up better tasting "cookies". (actually, i don't know that for a fact, but i'd be willing to bet money on it if you're willing to test this theory.)

the cookie dust has now settled into the crevasses of my mouth and molars and i'm spending too much time now trying to get the taste out. out, damn subpar tasting cookie flour, out!

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Brian said...

I totally hear ya. The only ones I've come to enjoy are the Samoas if you eat them frozen. It's funny though, the GS only get a minuscule profit from each box (~$0.25). Each year I'll just give them $10 bucks for one box and it means a lot more to them since they can pocket the cash. By the way, your boss sounds like a cookie pushing punk if you told him no ... just saying :) Fight the power.