on pointe

last wednesday, anthony accompanied me to see giselle, performed by the russian national ballet! it was beautiful and graceful and anthony (says he) enjoyed it more than he thought he would.

M told me she had trouble watching ballet, since all she could do was stare, transfixed, at the male dancer's packages, wondering what kinds of support garments they must have to wear. this was admittedly an issue during the first five minutes, thankfully, however, tightly encased netherbits lost their confounding appeal and i was able to enjoy the show.

the only disappointing part was that there was no orchestra! the lights dimmed and someone pressed a 'play' button for the cd. acoustics in the theater weren't made to handle a cd and speakers, so the disparity between the lows and the (slightly cringe worthy) highs was distracting. alas! and now i know: only go to the ballet if there's an orchestra. and knowing is half the battle. (the other half is saving up the cash for tickets).

anthony joked that they shoved a little shoebox diorama labeled "flea orchestra" out from behind the curtain just before the music started.

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