union of mort



gina & eddie's wedding in orlando was SO MUCH FUN! the wedding was small and intimate and held at disney. the ceremony was at the wedding pavilion while the reception was at the grand floridian, in a section of the conference center that had both an outdoor patio and indoor room. did i mention that the food was divine?!

both families are from new york and it showed - these people knew how to throw down, dance, and party. there was even karaoke!


no idea what they were singing here. i was busy taking photos and getting drunk.

i've always loved oldies and they played a lot of them. and for me, weddings are SO much more fun when people actually get out on the dance floor. :)


this is me, dancing, for 3 hours straight. 1 hour = 1 day. i was sore for 3 days. the day after we thought it would be smart to head to ikea for efficient, quirky and cheap swedish home furnishings, but the soreness + hung overness did not make for a good visit for either of us. we sadly bought the lamest of items and made our sleepy way home, where we recovered over the weekend.


anthony, blissed out on delicious appetizers. we still dream of those scallops... *le sigh*

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lepetitdoodler said...

the pairing of good cake and prolonged bootie shakin' makes for a successful wedding...

and when it comes to music, old-school is the only way to go! love seeing grandmas and pas dancing to YMCA or Billie Jean :)