blog post cum hysterical tizzy

camera bags have been driving me INSANE lately. or rather, my lack of a good one. it's been occupying my thoughts for the last 2 weeks.

it's very frustrating when i have the WANT, the NEED, the DESIRE to carry my camera (my beautiful new and soft and gorgeous camera) with me at all times, but i have no way to easily keep it with me.

i do have this one very supportive bag, with the nikon logo all over it (aka STEAL ME), which is big and bulky and difficult to open. it's like a mini pirate's chest. when i carry it, it catches on all manner of things - chairs at restaurants, small children, bushes, animals, my legs. basically, i loathe it.

this is what i want in a camera bag:

+ i want it to be fashionable (not this year, or last year, i don't care about fashion years; i just want to look at it and not feel the urge to set it on fire).

+ i want it to be a purse AND a camera bag (i already carry enough bags as it is; add our cats and i'm well on my way to being crazy-cat-bag-lady).

after 2 weeks of searching, i have discovered that no such bag exists. my needs are too specific and i am one finicky bitch. there are some that come close, but not ones that i love.

my options from here:

1 - buy a bag i love and convert it.

2 - attempt to make a bag.

because i am lazy, i'm considering option 1. seriously seriously considering spending the moolah on this amazing bag which makes me cheeks glow pink with happiness. and then also either buying or making a protective insert. vegan bags be damned.

did that link work? does this one?

i'm trying hard, REAL HARD, to stop myself from going to the store today on my lunch hour and buying it. anthropologie is SO close to the downtown library! SO DAMN CLOSE!

i keep flip-flopping, mostly because we're really trying to save for a house downpayment.

house........... bag... house.......... beautiful bag... still hypothetical house... beautiful camera bag + purse ...



Lila said...

so when are we gonna see pictures from this mythical camera? huh? HUH? really though, i am envious. Nikon SLRs are positively drool-worthy!

have you though about commissioning a bag on Etsy or something? if you're willing to splash out so much on something you'd have to customize, why not go the whole nine?

Sleep Goblin said...

That bag is pretty amazing, and I don't even consider myself a purse person. If I were any good at sewing, I'd make you one myself. I still owe you a birthday present... the one I'm "working" on is just taking forever, and I'm starting to think my "eyes were bigger than my stomach", if you know what I mean.