of sweet fatty kitties


sometimes thomas is aloof and camera shy.


and sometimes he's not. although he was pretty pissed at the 10 second light-blinking delay for the timer on this one. he's trying to sleep while we're spending a lovely friday night with killer metal robots, joss whedon, blankets, sicilian pizza and beer.


remember yammie's bed? thomas is disgruntled that he cannot fit within. LOOK AT THAT BELLY! though truthfully, it may be thighs, i'm not sure. he is my pigeon-toed muffin top.


Sleep Goblin said...

oh thomas, how i miss you. at least i have the scars to remember you by! *smooch*

miss lila said...

aww, he looks like Thomasina! or am i the only one that remembers that book/movie?

such a cute fat kitty... i want to squeeze his chub! :D

madge said...

so cute. love the belly.

Smirking Cat said...

My cat Rosie is working on his second...or third...belly.