three oh


turning 30 wasn't anywhere near as painful or hard as it's put out to be.

no trip to vegas, no drunken orgies (no drinking, actually), no hangovers - just a picnic in the park. lots of food and greek salad and little ones.

i'm still a little out of it, mostly because tuesday, wednesday and thursday i had intensive all-day training at work and my brain is positively the texture of 3 day old oatmeal (with the same mental processing capacity).

it's all i can do to breathe, work, breathe, drink some water, blearily blink, work some more, take off my shoes and peck listlessly and my keyboard.

i let go of all my "by-30" goals and i'm enjoying some good and satisfying couch relaxation. it's not going to hold itself down by itself, is it?! hell no! i'm posting bad high school photos on facebook and have plans to re-clean and purge my craft room. it's not going to clean itself, is it?! hell no! unfortunately.

did i mention that we treated ourselves in march? a lovely big-screen tv (1080 p, whatever that means) and a nikon d90! the camera takes video in hd, people. it's amazing, incredible, and my hands melt around it's little camera body in a very pleasurable and titillating way. i have plans. plans within plans. it's going to require getting off the couch, but that's doable.

we've also been biking more! tuesday we biked 1 2/3rds miles! i am so VERY out of shape. you wouldn't think it, but biking and then carrying my bike up the stairs to the apartment means that i sit on the floor with my head between my knees feeling dizzy and nauseated. i think it's the low blood pressure combined with my unhealthy physical self. pathetic! we plan on biking more now that the weather is crazy beautiful.


miss lila said...


and holy crap, congrats on all that excersizin' too! and the new camera, oooooooh.

goddamn, girl, we oughta get together sometime and have a cookout and drink some wine. i haven't seen you two in too long.

madge said...

such a refreshing post about turning 30. i officially cannot wait.

Rrramone said...

happy happy!

hint: it only gets better. ;-)