dear co-workers,

this is just to inform you that my patience is at an all-time low. it is fraying and bleeding and really can't take much more of your hijinx. maybe the cause is my lack of sleep or the burgeoning sinus headaches i've had for the past 4 rainy days. ah, but i really don't want to be forced to attack you with my scissors. the paperwork and the mess wouldn't be worth it, even with a wet/dry shop-vac easily accessible in the department.

on monday, conan, when our conversation elicited a final, "i need to walk away from you right now" statement and then follow through - that was not good. i do not need to explain a situation five times to you only to have you, each time, have me explain it a different way. please, just do your job.

and M? it's again, not good, when i say things like, "ok, i want to help you here, but i have no idea what you're talking about or what you want" after 10 minutes of pulling teeth and explanation and clarification and pens tossed across the desk or jabbed into my wrist and/or chest.

try and cut me some slack, even though i called out on tuesday. i'm subsisting on good food, coffee and the silver lining knowledge that a 3 day weekend is coming up.


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madge said...

it must be one of those weeks in all libraries where every last bit of patience remaining, be it with co-workers or the public, might be so flimsy it could bring us down. this has been a tough week on our librarian-selves! gah! if only vacation hours didn't have to accumulate at the rate of 4.62 hours a pay period, i'd be on a week-long hiatus in no time. enjoy your three-day weekend: the perfect number of days to be AWAY, to make things feel different when you return...full of possibilities and insights and/or reasons to consume fizzy lifting drinks on a tuesday night.