bad drivers

sticker guns - my ticket to multi-millionaire status!

i tried to explain my money-making and genius idea to anthony once, but i don't think he got it. blank stares and the sound of crickets. come with me, children, and envision it thusly:

a gun, but one that doesn't kill.

a gun, which instead, cleverly, fires stickers at cars, so one may brand its occupant as a BAD DRIVER. or one that DOESN'T USE TURN SIGNALS. or CUTS PEOPLE OFF. or one that DOESN'T FOLLOW THE 2 SECOND RULE.

i bring this up, because i've found something else that might be just as perfect:

(via tokyomango)

so it's a little small, but c'mon! it would be great to have this mounted to one's car in such a way that when a button were depressed and a dial rotated, this little beaut would pop up, point at the offending driver and do its little wanky dance.

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Sleep Goblin said...

i had this idea for a little screen in the car that displayed messages to you, sent by other people via your license plate number. see, you'd market it as a way of saying, hey buddy, your tail light is out, or hey buddy, you dropped a hubcab by exit 79. except then i'd used it to say, hey buddy, do the speed limit or get out of my fucking way!