in the summertime...

Full blown anger!, originally uploaded by yen yen yen.

this picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post. i simply love it. the ninja twins are not pleased.

just a little update missive. because i feel like it.

summer has begun. it's may, and summer is here in florida. the humidity wraps around your skin at 7 am and only leaves down the shower drain. love bugs have popped into existence and our windshields have been christened by their little buggy insides. i'm sure the paint on anthony's car is already disintegrating as i type. perhaps the daily afternoon thunderstorm will wash away some of the whitely smeared innards.

i just arrived in ft myers and am awaiting my dad's return from the farm on pine island and my mom's return from work. i haven't had a haircut since october, the wedding. the house is dark with curtained light and the gardenias smell so lovely. the coffee is still kicking and i'm considering munching on some of those chinese baked goods i brought; they're waiting on the table downstairs.

... yep, they're calling my name. my stomach can hear them, they sing so sweetly, to be eaten completely.


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