double feature sunday!

i was unable to visit family for mother's day since i was on call for the library. however, i will be visiting twice in the next 3 weeks, so i'm sure that will make up for it. (my niece and nephew are coming back from hong kong to live in the states!)

to while away the time and stick it to The Man, ant and i pulled a double feature at the theater! star trek and wolverine. ant thinks it's cute how nervous i get when we do this (official count: twice). my hands get all clammy and it's all i can do to stop my wide eyes from tracking down every theater employee in a 300 ft radius. i would not make a good criminal.

some mathematical reviews:

star trek > wolverine
x-men 3 > wolverine
wolverine = daredevil

wolverine was really not that great. bad wire work makes me feel dirty and i wasn't engrossed at all. suspension of disbelief was utterly missing.

star trek, however, was awesome. i'm not a trekkie, but i was still able to appreciate the movie and its iconic nature. and sylar made a really great spock! it was nice to watch him and not be irritated at his character (as with this season of heroes). rather clever to use time travel as a means to completely change the background story. (j.j. abrams loves his time travel.)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

the preview for 'night at the museum 2' ends with an uproarious scene (read: sarcasm) of 2 monkeys bitch slapping ben stiller:

me (deadpanned): monkeys make everything funnier. (counting off on fingers) night at the museum. night at the museum 2. that last indiana jones movie.
ant: (counting off on his fingers) gorillas* in the mist.

*yes, yes, we know. monkeys <> gorillas.

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Dragonslayer said...

Your 2nd equation is debatable, but I'm certain that your 3rd equation is incorrect. You clearly forgot the Ben Affleck Theorem which states:

For all movies in the set of movies containing Ben Affleck that are not named Mallrats, the rating of said movie is identically zero out of ten.Wolverine was good, probably a solid 8 or 9 points better than 0/10, so your third equation is wrong. QED.