i absolutely love our bedroom. well, one wall of it, at least. the dresser is stacked with books, completely at random. i find it slightly ironic that i work in a library full of organization and yet have books in 4 different places in the house, barely organized at all. craft-y books in the craft room. everything else... scattered. i kind of love it. it feels secretly pleasing. perhaps though, as rachel mentioned, it's not so ironic after all. a simple act of rebellion against work standards and lists and tasks.

holders of pots

here's a semi-close up of the potholders i made for mine and ant's mom! they're about... 8 inches square. and slightly disfigured. however, they are COMPLETE and i am content. please ignore the yellow cast. i am too tired to attempt color correction. must mail these out for the morning!


Meaghan said...

LOVE the green. It is one of my top 5 colors for home decor. Also, looks so good with the IKEA dresser... hmm... makes my nesty self want to paint.

Fraulein N said...

I LOVE that green too!

Michelle said...

That green looks like a good match for our dining room... Is it? Looked like Kermit the Frog green when you first painted, then mellowed to that gorgeous color that changes with the light in the room??

Congrats on finishing the potholders! It was all I could do to get cards in the mail with some Maya pics in them!