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if you've written me a letter, a real letter, chances are, it's in here, one of my many metal boxes.

metal boxes are my complete and utter downfall at thrift stores. i see them, i pick them up, no matter how broken or battered, fondle it gently and then usually carry it around in my arms until i either let it go (with love) or purchase it to stack in my craft room. *wistful sigh*

these letters help to categorize and plot moments in my life. my memory is SO spotty, i remember things that happened in the past in terms of decades. "oh yea, that happened... a... while... ... back. was that in high school? i think. ... wait, was that last year?!" it's that bad.

letters from high school, from cousins, from friends, from exes. from italy, california, new york, DC, florida, the ukraine. lots of memories, the majority of which would probably put all of us to sleep.

erika gave me this absolutely amazing xerox'd copy of a letter journal we kept in high school. it's in code and everything! names of crushes, at least.

and it's just. so. boring. we thought we were HI-FUCKING-LARIOUS. but unfortunately, we were just... high schoolers. writing out our thoughts and lives in painful, sometimes amusing, minutiae.

i'm hoping to find some of erika's old letters in here for her birthday (don't worry, i'd bet my life savings that she doesn't read my blog). i know for a fact that we have one wherein she describes a musical code for writing letters using music paper and musical notes. it's seriously genius, just time consuming and rather tedious to actually implement. and decipher.

ooo, i'm sensing a birthday card in the works...


Sleep Goblin said...

i actually used to do this too. maybe i still do, but it's not organized anymore. god only knows what you'd find in my office.

but i kept my letters in my 5th grade pencil box, which was covered in stickers.

i also kept the code my friends used in 5th grade, and revived it with new friends in high school. mine used shapes and images and squigglys, and we wrote entire letters in it. awesomeness.

oh, and i definitely keep all the postcards i get. i tape them into a little journal like thing. yours are the best, because you do fun things like sew a heart on. and also because you bother to write people at all.


Michelle said...

Ohmygosh - I TOTALLY remember the beginnings of the musical code... it took waaaaay too long to actually do - but she did come up with such a system. In-effin'-genious of her :)

Sounds like a great birthday card!!