so, once i put my old lens on my new camera... i've kind of been a picture taking fool.


i'm really trying to learn about lenses. fixed lenses and compound lenses and focal lengths, because they completely and utterly confound me. my brain turns into 3-day old odiferous oatmeal when i try to mentally parse it out, but i must grasp it before i go insane.

basically, my fixed lens (50 mm?) allows for a super big (small #?) aperture (f1.4). yay for easier low light photos! is that what they mean by a "fast" lens? it also turns my camera fully manual, which i'm kind of liking.
  • focusing is done manually, which is rather hard. my fe2 had this... split screen focusing "thing" so that it was a lot easier to see the focus through the viewfinder. i'm not sure if my new camera has something to replicate this feature.
  • exposure is also manual, so i'm doing a lot of guesstimation in my head on the fly. i'll take a photo outside at f1.4 at 1/250 and end up with a white screen. oops! so it's making a lot more aware of what's going on with my camera, which i had sorely missed when i went digital. i loved that little bar that moved up and down, helping me find the right balance of aperture and shutter speed. i just need to create the bar in my head...
  • it's WEIRD not being able to zoom. i've read some articles that say that a fixed lens makes you a better photographer, and while i think that's kind of rubbish, it does make you a hell of a lot less lazy. the view is completely different through this old lens and i often find myself way too close to objects i'm trying to photograph. i end up thinking a lot more about my photos, rather than just turning my hand to either zoom in or out.
and so, without further ado, cute pictures of my cats! i know i can't ever get enough.










Sleep Goblin said...

your photos always inspire me

lepetitdoodler said...

these photos are beautiful!!!