this past weekend, anthony and i met my mom, vivian and tiffany out in orlando for some disney excitement! and sweat, lots of happy disney sweat. our friend, louise, works at disney and is able to get 3 people in for free. SCORE!

she's the cute short one.

my mom had planned on completely bailing on us, opting instead to sit by the pool and relax. in fact, when louise picked us up at 9 am, she was still in her jammies and hadn't brushed her teeth. she had forgotten to pack regular shoes and was wearing her (very attractive) house slippers.


louise hijacked my mom's plans and dragged her out, house slippers and jammies and all, to come with us to the disney gate and to take her to lunch (she ended up hanging out with my mom until 7 pm). louise rocks because she's 1) lived in london, 2) doesn't let the english language stop her and 3) doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. check out this hat:


it's a headband with an adjustable visor attached. isn't it a hoot?! those are my mom's jammies. you can tell at this point that she knows the pool and sudoku are no longer in her near future. she's sad, but a trooper. (we took the convoluted way to The Kingdom - hotel to downtown disney to wilderness lodge to The Kingdom.)

no sunburn for us! i went with white trash chic and let my bra strap hang out.

we finally got in and louise hooked us up with buttons - it was vivian's first time (true), tiffany's birthday (false) and mine & anthony's anniversary (false).

but oh, so enjoyable, even with coming out like a salt lick! we had a lot more fun than we thought we would and tiffany enjoyed it better than hong kong disney (which is quite tiny). she even rode the roller coasters, after some cajoling and pointing out the little little kids in line.

park arrival time: 11 am
park departure time: 10:30 pm

it was a long, long day and took anthony and i 3 days of recuperation before we finally rehydrated and felt the soreness leave our bodies.

i like this because it feels slightly ominous.

thunder on the big thunder mountain. luckily, the skies never opened.

jungle cruise time! it looks like we're moving willy-wonka-boat fast, however, this was not the case. we were subjected to many long minutes of painful tour guide jokes. i hid behind anthony so i wouldn't have to look at the guide - he was terrible.

tiffany *really* hated the jungle cruise tour guide. her eye started twitching.

splash mountain aftermath.

sweat. all of us. from all pores. all day. hydration was key.

The Kingdom

and lastly, what, my friends, is this?

the mom is on the left and can you believe this?! this girl looks like a minnie prostitute!! (pun not intended.) PROS-TI-TUTE. heels and garters and wha?! sometimes, there's just so much wrong with disney... i have no words.

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