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i'd far rather be on my back, on a blanket, looking at this, than here at work, half alive.

of course, the temperature right now is 94 with a heat index of 104.
this MORNING was 87/101.

the hell, peoples?! there's even a heat advisory. i need to shower 5 minutes after i walk out the front door. i really WILL be able to move to chicago in a few years, when the winters there are temperate and mild.

yesterday, it got up to 107 (w/ the heat index) and a humidity of 77%! illegal - it should be illegal. i piggybacked on jacques videography business and took some wedding photos for my portfolio. i sweated and stuck to my pants. the ceremony was on a boat and i was able to get through w/o getting violently ill. some of the parents almost fell walking down the aisle, the seas were so choppy.

i have learned a few things:

1) i need to be more involved, in a directorial way
2) i need to know more about lighting and flash
3) i need more equipment (lenses and the like)
4) i need lightroom

hopefully i can post some photos in the next few days and start culling for a portfolio.

last night i got home at 11 pm and flopped into bed a little after midnight. today i am sooooooooooooooo exhausted. sore all over and probably still dehydrated. two cups of tea have done almost nothing. the pasta i had for lunch was probably not a good idea, for i am now foggier and sleepier.

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