erika's sleepytime 30th!


this past weekend, anthony and i went to gainesville to stay at meaghan's and usher in erika's 30th birthday. we celebrated at las mas (las margarita's) and the two of us split a pitcher of margarita deliciousness!


amazingly enough, erika did not fall asleep at the table after half a cup. once she started leaning onto nick's shoulder, we ordered her a coke to get hopped up on caffeine. the girl has seriously no alcohol tolerance.

owen was, sadly, away visiting family, so the sheer quantity of my photos was not as overwhelming for this visit.

anthony's ginormous glass of beer

craig's strange wayward pop tart, abandoned on the counter

under the weather
at the waldo flea market

from the waldo antique shop - what the heck kind of pyrex design IS this?! i love it!


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madge said...

the pyrex pattern is...

bottom photo with birds!!!! holy cow i love it.