lightroom is my new bestest friend in the whole wide world!

i stayed up past 12 last night playing with photos and trying to figure out the program on my own. hopefully i can watch some tutorials sometime in the near future so i can learn how to... umm... save a RAW file as a JPG. it seems so simple!! and yet... i'm at a total loss. then again, brain power at 12 am is rather lessened...

this morning when i, naturally, awoke almost an hour late, i thought it was saturday. how sad i was when i realized it was friday! anthony and i both agreed that we must have forgotten to set the alarms until we shared our respective "dreams incorporating a strange repetitive, loud and annoying beeping noise". his involved working at borders, with stryker (from x-men) as the new shipping manager who didn't turn off the door alarm. mine involved a VHS-tape-sized (alarm-clock-sized?) cell phone with many strange buttons in a clear case that i couldn't turn off - while feeling saddened that ira glass never called us to talk about a multi-level marketing business opportunity.


needless to say, i can't wait until 5:00.

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