you know you want one


one of my favorite food snacks - my dad calls them sue-moy. little salty dried plum goodness - they're basically little sour salt bombs with pits in the center. i had my first one when i was a baby and promptly threw up. so they're a bit of an acquired taste.

should i ever offer you one, you should try it, because these babies can cost upwards of $36/lb. who wouldn't want to try something so extravagant? (at least it's not coffee roasted from the anus of an exotic mammal.) this image doesn't really give you an indication of their size - they're approximately the size of a small peach pit, maybe an inch in width.

i tricked friends in elementary school by touting them as candy and that the best way to eat them was to pop the whole thing in one's mouth.


Sleep Goblin said...

I don't know man, they look like the part you definitely shouldn't eat.. but I do love salty..

I suppose I would try them if you offered, but I make no promises as to liking them.

Smirking Cat said...

At first I thought they were chocolate. Then you said "plum" and "throw up" and I lost interest.