of furry spiders

disclaimer for s.g. - pictures of spiders to follow along w/ blog post. do not commence reading unless you are ok with the heebie jeebies. cover thine eyes.

this past weekend was spent at the homefront and much fun and eating and drinking and reuniting and sweating and slapping at mosquitoes was had. i'm working on uploading photos to flickr, but i wanted to share these crazy spider pics! it was hanging out on top of my mom's car and was terribly difficult to photograph - mostly because it was in the low light in the garage and i was using my old manual lens. so hard to focus!!


a zoomed in detail

another zoomed in detail

are those 4 eyes? is that its attractive rear?! i have no idea. and we can't question it, because jesse, in one fell swoop, destroyed its little life. at least the death was quick and painless.


Sleep Goblin said...

1. i love that you gave me fair warning.
2. i couldn't not read your blog, so i braved the nightmares.
3. i'm trying not to remember too clearly, but i don't think he was very spidery looking. and i'm cool with that. of course, i'm also very cool with his very quick death.

Smirking Cat said...

I love spiders! I pick them up and take them outside instead of smooshing them...an older brother who adored Spider Man taught me well.

Gerald said...

Wow! That's a really great shot. So far, 4 eyes, green looking fangs, and plenty of hair....I don't think I need to get any closer :) Thanks for sharing.