the emptiness of our cubes

our department takes up, roughly, 1/6th of the 3rd floor of the west library building. we even have a wall, with locked doors, that separate our plethora of expensive computer equipment from... well, everyone and anyone else. the administration has departed to the east building ivory tower wonderland and it's often eerily quiet (you know, when the boss isn't bellowing [not an exaggeration]).

and so i finally 1) brought my camera to work and 2) actually used it. i went outside for a bit near the performing arts center and even went out w/ the camera when checking the mail! i got these amazing pictures of this adorable little toad - really great light, but couldn't get my camera to focus right! argh. very frustrating. *sigh*

(what the fuck is on this chair?! the grime looks old, like the chair was obviously ruined and used for years afterwards. that's not just a spill that was left on its own.)




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Christopher said...

You should see my office! It's like something out of 'Saw'.

I haven't had much chance to look at blogs so I'm catching up. It helps to pass the time at work.

I've moved blogs and I'm trying to be more of an active blogger.