albergo miramare

ahh... such fond memories.


this was my private balcony at albergo miramare in positano, italy. isn't it beautiful? the view, also, was impressive:


positano, beautiful town of 20 billion stairs.

i was alone in italy for a week after traipsing about europe with michie, who had been studying abroad in sweden. i boarded a bus and got off here on the amalfi coast and easily skipped my way down to the beach (300 steps), where the tourist office was located. the hostel i wanted to stay at was all the way up past the main road. with a gulp, i started climbing back up with my overly heavy backpack. if i remember correctly, i was probably carrying rocks in my bag from our stay in cinque terre. rocks i still have on my patio, i might add! needless to say, i got about 200 steps (210, to be exact) up and i utterly faltered. i was sweating buckets and thought, 'i'm staying at the next hotel i see, i don't care how much it costs'.

i distinctly remember the man at the front desk looking shocked after i accepted the room, which cost 220,000 lira. maybe $100-$150? i can't remember now. but it was a small room with a PRIVATE BATH and AIR CONDITIONING and a gorgeous BALCONY. it was so worth every penny at the time. we had been staying in hostels that averaged $15/person/night.


can you see how pleased i look? my pinky finger looks broken..

i can't recommend this place enough! however, their rates have um, definitely gone up since i was there. save those pennies! the balcony is SO worth it.

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