delish knish

photo, originally uploaded by gimchi.

doesn't my breakfast look amazing? (i took that pic w/ my iphone *heart*) the work fridge didn't have any spicy brown mustard, so i had to make do with some regular yellow. very good and very filling. with blueberries as a snack.

i've found that berries are one of the few fruits that won't make my mouth explode in an itchy and swollen fervor. thank goodness.

so, i've decided to try my hand at this wedding photography thing. just part time for now. i like the idea of having a name for my business, and not just my name. something with "studios" or some such word after it. nothing too hippie, of course.

moonlight studios
granola studios
no soap studios

should you have any ideas, send them my way! gimchi studios... doesn't really work, i don't think.

because come on. i'm 30 and am working a kind of dead-end job right now the way this economy is going. no raises in the forseeable... ever. i did right and got a fan-fucking-tastic raise when i got into this position, it's just demoralizing. no piddly 2% standard of living raise, either. and that dreary should-i-call-in-today feeling is coming on with alarming frequency.

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