must break free of doldrums!

amazing meal at vincent's restaurant, the bay house. "peking" duck over some sort of sweet plum compote with a black lentil side. butter poached (and then briefly grilled) lobster with a wild rice mushroom pilaf. peach crostada. dense dark chocolate torte. a super tuscan wine, a pinot and a divine port. i'll have to get actual names, by the end of the night my recall powers were mightily lessened. and spending time with my brother, who works far too much, was quite a pleasure! i even took some photos for their website; let's hope some of them came out alright, shall we?

my niece's english language skills have increased exponentially since we last saw her when we went to disney together. it's incredible how the mind bounces back. and my nephew is not the terror he was when he arrived back in the states; he's calmed down a lot and is nowhere near a wild thing anymore. it was utterly adorable how he idolized anthony. it'll be interesting when he starts speaking english!

and while i didn't get a single home cooked meal, i did get delicious dim sum and 2 lobsters over the weekend. not to mention a TON of fruit! longon, dragonfruit, atemoya, mangoes... our fridge is overflowing with fruit! next visit we'll be able to spend more time with my dad as well, since he won't be out on the farm every day.

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