great marketing! {sarcasm}


it is 2009.

how the hell do people think that images like this actually entice more customers into a store?!?! whenever i pass these illustrations at a hair/nail salon, it's like a visceral punch to the gut and my brow instantly furrows in confusion and distress. and wait, what's going on under the child's head on the left? what IS that... round thing?! i don't understand what's happening there.

you just know that the parents are going to eat their children in a pot pie that night. they're got total cannibal serial killer faces and fingernails. and fangs.


Brian said...

I think the mentality is similar to the old guy in the neighborhood who never takes down his Christmas lights. Eventually, the time will come when it's in style again, and he had to do less work for it. That being said, it's reasonable to deduce that children being baked into pot pie will not only be legal one day,it will be trendy. :P

Sleep Goblin said...

That is her shoulder. Because her body is facing the family, not the camera. And she's resting her head on her hand, which is on her father's shoulder. Like you might if you'd fallen asleep, and someone was like "hey! I'm taking a picture!", so you looked up for a sec.

Or something.

i usually see stuff like this on the windows of nail salons run by people who have trouble speaking english. not so much on places that cut hair.

fb said...

They've got Patrick Nagel eyes...Patrick was big in the eighties...revival or left over?