ameer & nadia

these are 2 of the only good photos to come from a wedding i had done way back in 2004. truly, it's almost painful to look at the photos from the entire night. i'm attempting to go through and cull good ones for a portfolio and i cringe and end up depressed. and then i am so thankful for digital. how much fucking money did i spend on film and developing only to find out that i did a terrible job?! learning experiences, all.

ameer & nadia

the wedding was in miami and i drove down from tampa with anthony. i remember that the ceremony didn't start until 3 hours from the original start time, that the food was pretty good and that everyone was having an amazing time.

*sigh* sometimes you just wish for a do-over. and anthony completely crashed while i drove back at 4 in the morning. oh yea, and i broke my camera that night; good thing i had a backup. these photos aren't bad, but so many are utterly grainy and terrible. was i using the on-camera flash?! i could have sworn i bought a "good" flash, but i guess i just had no clue how to use it. maybe i'll turn them all black and white... ugh, and so grey and lacking in midtones. i suppose i could do tons of layer work in photoshop... but is it worth it? we'll see. maybe i'll do it for practice.

i suppose the good is that i can actually see that i've gotten better. just keep moving.

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