california - day 5 {tuesday}


tuesday my camera finally starts getting a break. i'm running out of things to photograph, which is totally ridiculous, but my creative brain is starting to blow its fuse.

we go to the conference while vince heads out for the wineries. i am so. jealous.

at about 3 pm, CW and i run off to see the zombie walk, but it ends up being a little less than stellar. there are only 5 fully dressed zombies, but we are early. i donate $1 for a candied apple and maintain a chipper attitude, taking some photos. when we leave, we see at least 7 more zombies making their way to the rendezvous; hopefully it gained momentum! (hey! more photos here!) we had to run off before the actual walk started. alas!


this isn't a zombie - she's just "taking photos". which, c'mon, is a cop out. if you're at a zombie walk - dress like a zombie! this doesn't include myself and CW because we were at a conference. you know what i mean.


we took a quick jaunt to trader joe's and then to peet's for pumpkin lattes before heading back to the conference.

vince ends up napping off his wine tastings while i take a walk about monterey! here he is about 2 mins before he falls asleep and starts drooling.


the wind has seriously picked up and there's currently an advisory - gusts up to 30/40 mph. it's getting cold for this florida girl! i meander about the farmer's market and then decide to walk way out dennis the menace playground, which was closed! argh.


then to the beach where i spot a dead seal.


i'm super cold at this point, but still manage to take photos, even though i'm thinking that sand must be getting all over my camera. my poor little lens! there's that "fog" on the beach from the wind-whipped sand just streaming all over the ground. good thing i was wearing jeans!


on this one, i love that crazy small line of focus:



i popped into a few public bathrooms to get out of the cold and warm up my ears. overall, i think i walked about 1.5 - 2 miles.


that night we head to cafe lumiere near the hotel and get some "con panna" - espresso with a bit of cream. my brother asked for a description and no lie, the guy tells him that it's like a vanilla latte. WTF?!

we watch a few rounds of some conference hijinks (powerpoint karaoke) and head to dinner at montrio's bistro, another excellent meal. duck! wine! another delicious meal. i can't remember now, but i think we just went to bed in preparation for getting up and meeting CW at 6 am to watch the sunrise on 17 mile drive.

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