library tech

this past week, one of our branches called to let us know that the internet was down at their location.

here's a rundown of the conversation:

me: ok, it looks like i can't ping your routers, so yep, you're definitely down. no internet for both your staff and public networks. i'll see what i can do to get a tech to your location.

staff: oh... ok.... wait, i just flipped a switch. will that do anything?

me: (thinking she's flipping mini-switches, power switches, something, anything in the tech storage room) oh, are you in the tech room? did you turn a switch off? ... are there lights blinking on your router and modems? (thinking they might not have power to the site)

staff: yes, we have lights on.

me: ok, so there are lights on the router and modem in your tech storage room?

staff: oh... no... i'm not in the back room. i'm out front.

me: ... so.......... what switch are you flipping.

staff: the light switch.

... the light switch. ... the fucking light switch. this person wanted to know if flipping the light switch would fix their internet problems. ... we put these people in charge of branches, folks.


Sleep Goblin said...

in her defense (and i seriously doubt this is the case for her) my light switches will turn the router on and off. i fucking hate it.

Janine said...

For some reason I can't get "which way did he go George, which way did he go?" out of my head after reading this. Wow, that's pretty bad.

madge said...

i love this so much. SO. much. it sums up the profession better than anything i've ever read.