*big yawns*


cozumel is THE place to be if you work in my department. i am slowly beginning my collection of mexican sand and gaudily painted shells - i'll keep you updated.

oh yea, merry christmas! happy holidays, seasons greetings and the like!

didn't it all pass too quickly? i guess we still have new year's.

christmas eve was spent at ant's family's home while christmas day we relaxed, slept in and then went to the new granada xmas show at new world where ant was playing. i'll get to see part of my family this weekend when we head off to a wedding together in st. pete. hurray!

our weekends are insane right now with house hunting. uuugghh. funny story, we saw a house we kind of liked. so we put in an offer. they counter offer. we visit the house again and decide 'hell no' and back out. the sellers come back again, practically begging us to take the house for 3k LESS than our original offer. hilarious. and yet, still a no. the hunt continues apace.

i am currently sick with a sore throat from sunday night, not to mention from attempting to swallow ginormous garlic and zinc pills at lunchtime. seriously, i almost gagged and choked up water at my desk - not so pretty. i am counting down the hours until i can leave. the days between christmas and new year's just drag ever so slowly.

*big sigh*

pictures later. have been attempting to understand flash, which is elusive and tricky.

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Bee said...

I have been to Cozumel and I have to say I had a marvelous time. BUT then again I was 18, so what the hell did I know?

Anyway, I finally got around to setting up my Etsy shop. I'll warn you it's still new and it does not look great yet. I've got a friend working on a banner for me and I'm hoping I get a new camera for my Birthday Friday. But it is up and I've actually made one sale so take a look and tell me what you think. Hope you guys had a great New Year!