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last tuesday, anthony and i had to put our sweet thomas to sleep. it was utterly heartbreaking.

having to come to that decision and actually following through was the one of the most grown-up and awful things i'd ever had to do.

he went in to the vet on monday, after having thrown up everything in his tummy on sunday. when his bloodwork came back on tuesday, the news was not good. he had really bad liver problems and diagnosis and treatment would have meant ultrasound, tissue sample and 6-8 weeks of intensive treatment/kitty hospitalization with a feeding tube down his throat. he hadn't eaten since sunday morning and was so sad and listless.

i'll miss his stinky kisses, the way he'd settle his bulk over my arm or stomach, his crazy soft fur and little paws. if there's a cat heaven, he's there making biscuits, shredding colorful tissue paper, enjoying the sun while on his back showing off his bits and shoving others out of the way of the food bowls.

the stinky man


Janine said...

Aw Kim. What a nice tribute to Thomas. He was a cute little (or not so little) kitty.

madge said...

hugs, huge

Smirking Cat said...

IF there's a kitty heaven? Cats are the only ones who deserve a heaven. Catnip, sunbeams, and endless treats. I am sorry and know you miss him.