endives {recipe}

grilled belgian endive

earlier this week we bought endives at $4.99/lb.

is this a good price for endives?! seems kind of steep. we're almost broaching lychee territory with a price like that!

in any case, we'd never had (to our knowledge), nor cooked, endives. they're like little white rockets! so wonderfully plump and shapely.

we paired it with white rice, which is my staple pairing food partner because i SUCK at fashioning "menus". i head out with lots of little bits in mind with no way to bring them all together in one delicious meal. but rice goes with anything, or maybe that's just my chinese heritage rearing it's aromatic and tasty white rice head.

also, it seems that MANY of my recipes involve roasting or broiling (which is basically what this recipe is). oven on high, shove the veggies in, a few turns of the pepper mill, turn occasionally. we have a few pair of tongs, which are FABULOUS for turning stuff that's hot in the oven. this seems like one of those 'duh' kind of things, but really, we'd never had tongs before and i'd always just used chopsticks. my superb chopsticks skills notwithstanding, tongs make for an easier time in the kitchen. plus, they're longer and don't bend. they're a bitch to clean, of course - dishwashers kind of rock (too bad ours sucks so hardcore).

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