i'm starting to feel super lethargic after my cold pizza lunch today. my tummy feels overly full of masticated and dry crusts. it was good, i just feel... gross.

*big sighs*

this morning was very slightly cool and windy and humid walking in to work - it made me long for travel again. real travel, not just sorta-travel during a conference in another state, when you can't do everything you want. like go to wineries at 10 am because you have to be listening to a lecture in a too-cold conference center room.

i'm feeling antsy. and i'd love some more coffee, but know it will keep me up later... isn't that just the worst feeling?

i'm reading 'trail of crumbs', which is kind of good and kind of bad. i'm not sure i'll be able to be coherent about it, so i'm going to ramble starting.... now. i like reading about other asians and their experiences growing up as a minority in america. the food recipes at the end of each chapter however, are distracting and throws me off every time. admittedly, i'm jealous as well that she's still rather young and so well traveled and can cook like a goddess.
and while she mostly writes well, it really reads like she took a creative writing class. and i don't mean that in a good way. also, she eats sea urchin raw from her fingers, straight out of its body. the only edible parts of a sea urchin are its gonads. that's just nasty.

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Sleep Goblin said...

did i mention i'm in the midst of a 12 day work week? i'm totally feeling you on that lethargy thing. i feel tired everyday.

we had a severe weather warning last night.. for frost. because the low was 31. someone at work was wearing a down coat and sweater and gloves and said "it's freezing!" and meant it. i hate this state.