a wednesday thanksgiving

our family doesn't like to stick to tradition, so we celebrated thanksgiving on the wednesday before the actual holiday. it was also the only day my brother could get off. i really love that my family is so flexible.

tons of king crab leg sushi, sauteed veggies and steamed chicken with ginger/garlic/scallion sauce. delicious food heaven! i'm so hungry right now... *whimper*


my parents, looking adorable and my mom slightly tipsy.


kevin & bo, attempting to smile despite their cultural desire to show no emotion to the camera (it is SO HARD to get a picture of the two of them that looks genuinely happy!).


the bro, with ubiquitous bottle of wine in hand.


lee, who learned how to wink and did so at every opportunity (including our family picture). man, and can you believe those teeth?!


anthony, learning tiffany the ways of the iphone.


the family photo op (complete with the wink).

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Michelle said...

Awwwww!!! Love the photos!!! Especially of your parents - you catch great moments with that camera of yours. I miss seeing them (and you all). :(
Glad it was a happy Thanksgiving!