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[whoops, a little too fast on the posting there, gotta control that, no?]

anyways, hope it's been fantastic for everyone! lots of celebration and delicious fizzy drinks and, possibly, cake! one can never have too much cake.

the holidays have been this mad rush of parties and i completely lost my voice on new year's eve. it's still wonky after 4 days, so i'm trying to talk as little as possible today in order to give the throat a little rest. unfortunately, my cough is still pretty bad, but i was finally able to sleep last night without it waking me up every 5 minutes! hurray! hopefully it'll be better for yet another shindig this weekend.

there are schemes within schemes and plans within plans afoot. i can't share the big one yet, mostly because i don't want to jinx it. but keep your fingers crossed for me! an odd number, please, like in the (original) parent trap (one hand, or two hands and your arms).


Smirking Cat said...

We celebrated with Kool Aid in plastic wine glasses with the kids. Eh, I need to slow down and not be so wild and crazy.

Sleep Goblin said...

i need to blog more. i mean, i actually like being able to refer to the blog to remind myself of things, and to settle arguments, and see how i used to look at the world with child-like wonder ;) but really, the last several months have been really sad (the blogging, not the months; those haven't been bad at all; not that i would know a year from now, since i didn't document anything)

anyway, i don't know why i said all that. i'm looking forward your news, and am crossing odd numbers of things for you!

Naynayfazz said...

My fingers are crossed for you. I *think* I know what it's about but my lips are sealed as well. :) Also, feel better. I heard you have throat AIDS and that sounds serious. ;)