one crazy decade

last night i went through a huge suitcase of memories, brought up from when i last visited my parents.

oh, the memories!

there were journals upon journals, starting from about the 7th or 8th grade. writings about who i liked, what i had done, movie stubs, chinese new year red envelopes, birthday cards, bits of birthday present wrappings. it was simultaneously exciting and mind-numbingly boring.

so much has happened in a decade:

- studied abroad in florence, italy
- moved to tampa
- met & fell for anthony
- acquired yammie
- bought at least 4 cameras
- voted against bush
- received my master's degree
- "career job"
- visited china
- visited england & italy
- lost friends, gained friends
- have a beautiful godson
- insane amounts of fun had at girlfriend sweatshop weekends
- said goodbye to thomas
- got married

i was planning on making this a very exciting post full of things that had happened and then i bored myself. not that i find myself boring, not at all! i'm just mentally exhausted and am SO ready to ring in the new year with a glass of delicious fizzy lifting drink.

for some reason, 2010 feels crazy exciting. and that's a good thing.


madge said...

happy new year!

i love this list...where does the time go? oh, here & here & here - all these amazing things. i think my fave is voting against bush.

to fizzy lifting drinks!
(i might nab your idea.)

fb said...

Happy New Year!