where to begin?!

check it, i sooo want this duvet. it's basically a bunch of gathered white fabric held together with adorable little wooden flower-shaped buttons. *swoon* it makes me want to nap and drink champagne and nibble chocolates in bed.

it costs $300.00 from anthropologie.


i am considering making it myself, but am not sure about the type of fabric to use, not to mention how much fabric will be needed - all those buttons and so much of it is just gathers of fabric. piles and piles of soft, luxurious fabric. ... *more swooning*

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miss lila said...

hmm... you could use basic cotton sheeting (nice quality of course)... it looks like it's gathered vertically but not horizontally, so you shouldn't have to worry about needing too much extra width, but you'll probably need another sheet/half-sheet's worth of fabric to make sure it's long enough. assorted vintage mother-of-pearl buttons would look great in place of the wooden ones (and probably easier to find). back it & bind it with the same cotton, find a super cozy down quilt to slip it over, and I'd be damn jealous, haha!

It's definitely a do-able project, but it'll certainly take up some time & space in the meantime. I say go for it!!