i cannot believe we own a home!!

all of it is still sinking in. sometimes i feel like i'm on vacation - for instance, the bathroom is completely tiled in beige, including the ceiling. brushing my teeth, i had the distinct feeling that i could be in china from the insane chlorinated water smells of tampa city water and the intense tile action. they love their tile in china! (you'd think that all the tile would make it super easy to say, spray down disgusting bathrooms with pure bleach, but nope; it seems that would be too difficult.)

we've also been really holed up inside, still unpacking, and haven't gotten a chance to truly enjoy the outdoors. every time i walk around our backyard, i'm just floored with all the space we have. i'm already a little overwhelmed with all i want to do inside (paint everything, including ceilings, because they're kind of wonky) and then i see the yard and i'm overwhelmed again. even more.

since it's an old house, the trim is a little gunky and built up, so i'd love to stip it down and repaint it. along with the doors. and then my list gets all out of whack - what do i do first?!

i suppose the first thing to do is get the old apartment completely empty and clean first.

there. i feel better already.

then get the kitchen/pantry in order.

order estimates for a privacy fence and gutters.

then either paint or de-gunk-ify trim & doors. maybe the de-gunking first.


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It is a great feeling to own a home

mahlichai said...

I'm so happy for you two. Iy makes it all the more exciting for Daniel and I when we find our home. We are sort of living in your excitement for the moment lol. Lots of work, but it sounds like a lot of fun. And it's all yours. Don't have to worry about some leasing office nitpicking everything you want to do - because it's YOUR place. That's so awesome!