this is quickly becoming a renovation blog, i fear


here's a view of our totally rockin' mini courtyard! to the right is the house (the "breezeway") and to the left is the band room. i took the photo from our kitchen extension and the opposite doorway leads to the 1 car garage (aka storage central).

unfortunately, the garage is missing a back door, which means no fancy front loading washing machine for a while! also, i saw a rat or something up in the rafters. do they damage a house? i really don't want to have to kill them...

anyways, the picture makes the ground look dirtier than it really is - though it could do with a good scrubbing. anthony made a comment that's stuck with me and now all i want are cafe lights strung between the buildings. hopefully i can find some sort of LED cafe lights, to keep down replacement bulb costs, but also having them solar powered would be RAD.


Sleep Goblin said...

You are in luck, because they exist. In fact, I almost bought some for my stairs this Christmas, before I realized that my stairs get about 1 hour of sunlight each day...




Of course, there are a million places you could buy them online. So just google it if you don't like those places.

madge said...

WHOA MAMA! this can become a renovation blog; i won't mind one bit!