so bruised and sore am i!

falling over onto our lawnmower didn't exactly help, either.... but it seems i have been running into everything this last week. dark splotches on my knees and shins and backs of my legs, arms, hips and hands. refinishing and hand varnishing a small table is also great exercise. the fingerprints on the pads of my right hand are finally coming back after i seemed to have sanded them off (and numb).

and can i say how satisfying it is to work with wood?! sometimes i think i was meant to be a carpenter. i have pics to share later, but smoothing that linseed oil varnish onto the bare wood was extraordinarily sublime. it was like the wood became warm and alive under my fingers. every time i walk by the table, i can't help but run my hands all over it - it's so smooth and gorgeous and golden.

...anyways, i can't wait to heal so i can cash in on my birthday present - MASSAGE!

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Smirking Cat said...

I'll run into a few things and fall over a lawnmower if it earns me a massage!

Happy (early) birthday!