nights, super long

so much going on! i'll be posting more as i am finally coherent after a 18-20 hour drive from austin, tx. (red room cinema was able to play during sxsw!)

here's the playlist from part of my drive back to tampa - talking and podcasts were also employed to maintain brain activity. variety is needed, otherwise too much of the same artist/album will put me right to sleep. i particularly enjoyed the transition from 'are you sincere' by andy williams to 'dracula X' from the castlevania soundtrack.

i made it from mississippi to gainesville, fl before anthony kindly took over; i was a little woozy and delirious by then. though, apparently, i utterly rock the graveyard shift. i enjoy driving at night with little traffic. i put the cruise control on 75 mph and go from there. cruise control is my savior - otherwise i'd end up slowing down, slower and slower... and slower... until i'm driving at a measly 55 mph and we'd still be on the road even now.

have you noticed, though, that the shuffle for itunes totally blows?! definitely frustrating.

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madge said...

woo, long drive! props.

and i agree, the shuffle for itunes is worthless!