shit, when did we get this hole in our wallets?!

next week, this is what is being installed in our kitchen!

right now, we have no vents from the inside of our house to the outside. not in the bathroom, not in the kitchen. and while we really wanted the bathroom done, we figured we'd just kill two birds with one stone and get a new hood for the kitchen too, vented to the outside.

the bathroom fan is nowhere near as sexy as this one. it's nice, quiet, energy efficient and powerful - 70 cfm to pull all the humidity from our showers straight outside. the humidity in the house is pretty damn high - it causes stacks of paper in the kitchen to warp from the moisture. kind of gross. we have a dehumidifier from the 70s, but it's loud and noisy and could probably be reverse engineered to power a small country.

i'm a little worried about the kitchen fan, only because i haven't got a plan for how i want the kitchen to look. i'm the type who doesn't like to start a project until i know every facet of how it will all fit together. for instance, we still have the crappy fabric curtains on the kitchen pantry because i want to know what color we will be painting the kitchen before i buy/make new curtains.

but i am stoked to have a fancy, gorgeous stainless steel hood in the house! our old one was that beige-almond color and it didn't even self-vent. if a hood doesn't vent to the outside, usually it will suck the air up through a filter and then blow the air back out, usually at face level via vents in the front. the original hood didn't have these vents! it was made to be vented outside. if you took off the filter and looked up, there's the fan and then... a piece of foil?! above the foil was the bottom of the cabinet. and it was soo noisy. then fan just rattled the foil and it all did nothing.

this new hood will allow us to cook things like bacon and not have our bedroom still smell like bacon 3 hours later (like last saturday). so excited!!


Sleep Goblin said...

i wish i could install vents in this apartment. i'm so tired of the mold and mildew smell in the bathroom *sigh*

Bee said...

Wow that's fancy! I empathize with Sleepy G, our apartment offers little by way of air circulation, which is SO inconvenient when you happen to live with the Stinkiest Cat Ever. Brian and I often say that if they weaponized Buddy's poops, the war would be over in no time.