goal setting

last week, anthony and i agreed that we'd try to limit ourselves to 2 episodes of bones a night, starting monday.


we watched 5.

our only consolation and reason for the absolute disregard of our goal was that when we got home, we actually did a lot of work! we immediately changed and headed out back to tackle the blase' and dying shrubs behind the band room.

you can sort of see them here:


kim: 1
baby snakes: 0

we snipped the shrubs down to the earth and then used a shovel to dig out the root balls. i slammed the shovel down into the earth and suddenly... a hyper squirmy snake tail erupted from the ground. it was just the tail end - maybe 4 inches long; you think it's still alive? i hope so! it definitely distracted me, much as a bird might have been, giving the front end time to slither painfully away. poor little thing. i even picked it up; it was incredible that i could still feel the tiny muscles moving as it whipped back and forth.

better luck tonight. the good is that we're down to season 4; the end is nigh!

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Smirking Cat said...

Awww, poor snake. I hope it lived...slinking away somewhere to plot its revenge on shovel wielding humans everywhere.