so, i send this to the city:

"I'm looking to start a new photography business to be operated from my home and would like information on what licenses or permits I would need to obtain from the City of Tampa in order to make this happen."

and i get this:

"Good Afternoon,

Your application is being processed. An inspector will either contact you first with follow up questions, or a bill for your City of Tampa Business Tax will be mailed to you as soon as possible. The inspector in charge of the area where your business is located is --- : office phone: 813-999-9999.

Thank You For Your Inquiry,
---, City of Tampa Business Tax Representative"

they move fast! guess i need to as well.


Sleep Goblin said...

it has been my experience that, unless you plan on having customers in your business space, all you need is a business license and to pay the proper taxes. i'm assuming you won't be having official photography sessions at your home. if you were, oh boy, you need lots of crap... like proper zoning for starters. seriously, it's crazy...

lepetitdoodler said...