fringe > bones

after having blown through the entire bones oeuvre and then catching up on this season of fringe (yes, we are losers. the best kind of losers.), i can honestly say that fringe is way better than bones.

please note, this post may contain spoilers.

i think i realize that ant and i really like a story. we want a narrative. the only narrative that bones had going for it was "romance". whether with bones & booth or with angela & hodgins. this last season is sucking so hardcore. don't get me wrong, i'm enjoying it. the witty banter is great and yes, sweets is the possibly the best addition to the show. but COME THE FUCK ON. i did not enjoy the story of their first case together and also, what happened to booth's face? i can't put my finger on it, but anthony is convinced that he's had plastic surgery or botox.

i was also highly irritated when cam's adoptive daughter might be having sex and booth says, "good girls don't have sex." WTF. i've always appreciated this show for having super smart, strong and sexy females. good girl's don't have sex? normally they'd at least retort, but... nothing! no retort! and bones needs to start kicking way more ass. physically. what happened?! i get it. her relationship with booth is "changing" her. but really? not for the better.

i also felt that the angela/hodgins resolution in the jail cell was just terrible. very anti-climatic. *sigh* it's just been a disappointment. (not that it means i'll stop watching, of course.)

anyways, fringe has just been mind blowing this season (even though we started correctly calling the plot in the last few episodes).

... ok, i'm starting to get tired of my stream-of-consciousness soapbox rant.

ant put it best - bones is about the characters and has no story. fringe is more about the story, but he feels that there's far less about the characters (though i slightly disagree).

back on the soapbox about bones - what the hell is up with issues being resolved in one god damned episode? booth gets amnesia at the end of season 4?! we predict that it's fixed within 3 minutes of the season 5 premiere. yep! utterly resolved. so damn lame.

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Sleep Goblin said...

i'd have to agree that i love bones for the characters, and that it's not as good as it used to be.

i've only seen one episode of fringe, while i was staying with my mom in january. i liked it enough that i plan on putting in the rotation. though i wanted to wait until i could get season 2 from netflix. so i'll probably start season 1 sometime this summer. the trick is getting rob to watch it, because i think he'd like it too.