this summer is going to be awesome.


last wednesday (?) we had 1.5 cubic yards of compost delivered from mother's organics. the picture shows what is left after filling our raised garden and every single empty pot we owned, including our lawn clippings garbage can. a friend came by and picked some up as well, but then we realized we could use what was left to fill in the holes behind the band room (left from when we dug out the crappy shrubs). not to mention the other random holes in the backyard. if i recall, the previous owners had a dog that liked to dig.


awww, there it is, my little 4' x 8' raised garden. so far, i've put up a slightly rickety pea trellis and found some wayward cat poop. when we woke up the morning after we filled it, i thought a squirrel had been digging about. WRONG. ...as i later discovered when i found little cat poop logs. :(

anyways, this picture is already out of date, since we just put up one of those awesome 10' sack pools in our yard! it's currently to the right of where the raised garden is in the photo above. it's big and blue and is slightly leaky since we installed a valve incorrectly. whoops! we figure we'll let it slowly drain until we can fix it. while it filled up, we sat in it like forlorn children, fully clothed. anthony pretended to swim laps on his stomach. it was fun! can't wait to get an umbrella out there and it'll be complete! maybe a little side table as well.


this summer is going to be awesome.

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