my tiny little garden is starting to produce!! the basil is looking big and fluffy and I HAVE A ZUCCHINI!


cute, no? i also learned that zucchini plants need 3 sq ft of growing space. ... ... big whoops on my part. i have given them one sq ft. ... each. right next to the basil. so, needless to say, i'm constantly out there attempting to train them to grow away from the basil. their tendrils are strong!

zucchini plants also have both male and female flowers, so you can perform elaborate squash sex to help them make baby zucchinis. adorable!! (you know what i was doing this past weekend! woohoo!)


here's one of my little baby carrots. to the left is an even babier carrot. carrots are apparently "notoriously" long germinators, which i am finding to be true. you can also see some dollarweed, which is constantly threatening to overtake my garden. it totally blows and i have no idea how to get rid of that shit.


and these are my surprise italian peppers! i didn't even think it was growing anything and then BAM, i saw these little suckers already 3 inches long, just hanging out. hurray for garden surprises! it's already needing to be repotted/put in the ground - hopefully the process isn't too stressful for it.

so hurray! my garden isn't large or overflowing, but hey! shit's still alive! AND i'm seeing some results. i'm crossing my fingers that the animals don't eat them before i do. like they did to my one lone cherry tomato.

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