alexis and i got manicures! and pedicures.

which... last time i got a manicure was for my wedding. two years ago. and even then, i was forced to go by my mom (and she was right!).

for real, it's expensive!! like crazy expensive! no wonder i don't go that often. not to mention, i have exceedingly steady hands. i'm ridica-good at doing manicures, even on myself. hell no i wasn't going to pay for just one color. i could do that shit blindfolded. ...of course, i could probably do polka dots, too. but it was for the company and the conversation - i miss alexis! hopefully we'll get to visit NM again soon.

oh, delicious NM breakfasts.... i swoon for you. buster's RIP.

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Smirking Cat said...

A good spa manicure is worth every penny. Wonder how much leopard spots would cost...?