fancy schmancy

even though i've only taken a few photos and we're not quite done, i just couldn't wait to share our latest home excitement.

here are our old house numbers:

house numbers!

kind of meh, no? plus, scrunched all the way under the eaves and above the door... it wasn't the easiest thing to read from the street. at least it wasn't comic sans!

so the other week, ant went out to home depot and got exciting drill bits for our cheap-o drill and modern house numbers from home depot! only $5 a pop!

house numbers!

it thankfully came with instructions and so sunday evening, as the sun was setting and the heat was bearable, anthony set to work. (by the way, i am making a shit-ton of typos as i'm typing this... apologies if i miss any!)

house numbers!

first you get the layout right, make sure it's level, tape it up, punch holes in the wall, then drill with an 1/8" bit and then with a 1/4" bit to a depth of about 1". then you fill it will silicone caulk (my favorite part!) (except when, as i was caulking, a roach was crawling on the wall super close to me and i let loose 2 operatic bellows for the neighbors across the street). then shove the numbers in and tape them up until the caulk cures.

house numbers!

and then... ta da!!

house numbers!

so yes, as you can see, totally not done, as we need to pry off the old numbers and repaint the wall. but otherwise, we love it!! we may replace that outside light as well, in the future, but for now we're stoked.


Madge said...

LOVE! looks real swell...

Sleep Goblin said...

whoo hoo!! so excited you got them. also, i like that lamp!! though i could see where it doesn't quite mesh with your numbers anymore.

lepetitdoodler said...

amazeballs. so "dwell"... (mean that as a compliment!)